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@barnes when will Elon join the board of directors of Chubbs?

Upgraded instance to Mastodon v3.5.0 running Postgres 14 💪🏼

Does anybody know to what extent there’s decentralization on Is it just the use of crypto and tokens? Or the use of IPFS for object storage? Anything at the protocol level?

Migration off the Kent Cloud completed. AMS 🇳🇱 here we come!

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Our first step towards full System Transparency is here with diskless infrastructure. Try it out as a beta on a pair of WireGuard servers in Sweden.

This marks the start of our long running public facing journey into the System Transparency project.

Read more about it on our blog:

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Who knew one day you would get promoted for using System.out.println all over the place instead of log4j! 😂

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Upgraded to 3.4.4 with barely any downtime. Kent Cloud style

@pixelfed do you have a TestFlight for iOS app testing that I could join? Please and Thanks! 😊

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